Welcome to my web page. This is where you can find out all about me.

What I do

You can say I am Jack of All Trades

Kitchen Design

This is what pays my bills. The rest is my hobby or passion. I have been working as a Kitchen Design Consultant for almost 8 years.


Photography is my passion. I started photography when my first child Isabella, now 13 years old, was born. Since then I have been doing photography off and on until recently when I decided to the next level. See my latest projects.


My mind runs hundred miles a minute even when I am sleeping. You will see me give a go on numerous projects including the last venture Let’s Pizza. Read my story how it evolved and how it fell apart. I was dreaming to be the Pizza King in UK.

Web Design / IT

This is something I do and really enjoy. I started IT work when I lived in USA and used to own a hosting and IT company “Uni4Web”. I never let go of my IT and Web Development work and still try to keep up with the new technologies and web trends. This skill set allows me to start new ventures and ideas.
Wren Kitchens


There is nothing I cannot sell once I believe in the product. I have sold tiles, building products, web services, mobile phone services, kitchens, flooring and not enough space here to count.


Did I mention that I am jack of all trades. There is nothing I did not do in terms of building and manufacturing work. I can be a handyman or kitchen fitter if needed but nahhhhh…


This is one skill set I acquired because I realize you cannot rely on others to do your job. I edit my own photos and became pretty good at graphic design for my own marketing material.


I started very late for this job but I am trying to be the best father as I can be despite what my partners think. I have three beautiful children Oscar 4, Alex 5 and Isabella 13 and my step daughter Samantha 11.

Airport Transfer Business Venture

Mete Adan has put his heart into providing a friendly, professional and reliable service to people in London in their transport needs to and from London airports and any other long distance transfer needs parting from or arriving to any London destinations. 

Visit website now : www.airtransfer.co.uk

What others say about me

only good stuff

Had our very 1st shoot today. We had a LOT of fun. Bunnies house has a lot of character and a great sense of humour, I really enjoyed my time with him. The shoot was very relaxed and well planned. We both input ideas to the shoot and from what I've seen, we have some amazing content. Looking forward to our next shoot. Highly recommended.
Had a really positive experience at Models House Studio, stunning house, perfect for photoshoots, film shoots etc! Loads of space, lovely colours and style. Mete was smiley and lovely, very helpful and enthusiastic, so absolutely a great photographer to be around, we done fantastic photos in a nice relaxed atmosphere, I can't wait to see the final results! xx
Mete was a great host being very friendly and helpful. The light in the living room especially was great and we where lucky with the weather so also acieved some great images in the garden.
Had my first shoot in beautiful Models House today and I can highly recommend this place!! So many different rooms, beautiful outside space, huge garden and what a view! The owner himself is a great photographer full of passion, fantastic host, very welcoming and professional. Made me feel comfortable and creative. Very pleased and happy with my photo shoot!

My Photo Gallery

Here are some of my recent photos