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Wren Kitchens Customer Reviews
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Wren Kitchens
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 8 reviews
 by Ali
Wren Horrendous
Showroom: Cambridge
Position: Customer

Horrendous incompetence from design level through to quartz team and installation managers who expect the customer to call several departments seeking extra service or parts when they’ve ordered incorrect items. I do not know if or when this kitchen will be fitted even to a satisfactory level.

 by Nicola
The worse company ever

The worse company ever. Quality of kitchen terrible. Customer service as bad. Now after 3 years and my kitchen is looked after paint is coming off door and they saying its wear and tear. Kitchen wont last long dont bother.

 by Catherine
I am sitting in tears

I would not recommend this company, due to their lack of good customer support and providing wrong information!

 by Mete Adan
The sale period does not end. Don't be pressured to make decision
Showroom: Enfield
Position: Designer

Don’t be under the pressure to make a decision because the designer or manager says the sale will end today or tomorrow. The same offer will be available next sales period.
I was embarrassed to push customers to buy their kitchen months before they need it because they think they got the best deal

 by Mete Adan
Designers have no kitchen experience
Showroom: Enfield
Position: Designer

If you are looking for design consultant for your kitchen, Wren is not a good option.

In a typical showroom of 15-20 designers only a select few have kitchen background.

If you are booked for an appointment with a designer by the management the appointment is definitely made with a designer for the wrong merits. It is who you know Not what you know.

So if you like to get advice about your kitchen who used to sell phones or cars or vipes then go ahead.

Company will sort your problems because they make the designer pay for it with a profit. It is the only company in the world that makes profit from their own employee.

 by Anonymous
I would not recommend this company, due to their lack of good customer support and providing wrong information!

I would not recommend this company, due to their lack of good customer support and providing wrong information!
My kitchen has been delivered on Thursday 12 March 2020. It was supposed to come with a plan (big version), well it was not delivered. I have called on Thursday 12 march to find out where is this and they said that this was supposed to be delivered couple of the day prior to the kitchen delivery and they are very sorry. I was told this will be send out on the next day to me on a 2 to 5 days delivery service. I have requested to be send out on the next day service and after being on hold for 15 min the lady said that they will send it out on Friday for delivery on Saturday, Monday the latest. Today is Tuesday the 17th March and still nothing has been delivered, therefore I called the store so I can get any support of them. I have spoken to the Tommy (the manager as what I have told he is) and he said I still have to call the head office and they cannot do anything there to help me, even thought on every email I get the store number is given as a support contact. He was not interested either when I told him that I am really disappointed that I don't get any support and told him that as a result to this I will leave a bad review of he which he just said "OK". Then I called the head office again and I have been told that this has gone out on the 2-5 days service not on the next day service as I was told originally. The lady was very nice, but regardless she couldn't done anything further. She said they will refund me £59 for our troubles, but I do not see how this exactly can help. So, now we are putting kitchen together using the small print out of the plan, but as you can imagine it is very difficult. I only hope that I will not need their further support since they are not able to handle simple thing like this I can only imagine what a nightmare will be with anything else.”

 by Mete Adan
Customer pressure at the highest level.

When you share your contact details with Wren be ready to be receiving numerous calls from Wren Kitchens designers, management and staff...

Pressure is at the highest level until you finally give in and put down your deposit.

 by Mete Adan
Think twice before you buy from Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens claims to be cheaper than the competition but is this really true?

No. Definitely no.

You walk inside the beautiful showrooms and imagine your kitchen to be like one of those displayed in the showroom with the promise that they are cheaper than the competition. But when it comes to pricing, you will have to settle with their Vogue (Flat Pack) or Infinity Range (basic range) with fewer colour options and sizes. And you still going to be lucky if you can beat the price of the competition.