Wren is using Employment Laws loopholes to take advantage of employees and ruining lives therefore their employment practices should be reviewed. 

1. Wren hires inexperienced staff to sell kitchens at minimum wage with a large threshold in place only to sack them after the first performance reviews.
2. Two years probation is only to make sure they don’t pay any benefits once the employer is sacked.
3. A sexist culture apparent in all showrooms. Managers favoring female staff over others.  There are a lot of employees suffering from sexual harassment that are not even heard of.
4. Up to £15,000 Threshold per month is excessive hold back from commissions and naturally the paycheque.
5. Sacked hundreds of people right after the government order of lockdown leaving hundreds of employees without a job and no support.
6. Employment reviews are collected by tricking employees to give feedback about the training but in reality posted in employer review sites. 
7. #1 Employer in the UK title should be stripped off from Wren Kitchens advertisement slogans.
8. Wren is in violation of human rights by forcing employees during the pandemic when the government clearly ordered shut down of non-essential businesses.
9. Wren is in breach of contract by making promises to future employees which they don’t intend to keep. 
10. In short, Wren has no respect for their employees. Everything good about Wren stops right after the training finishes.

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